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China Electric Bike Battery

Type8-DZM-14Characteristic Curve
Rated Voltage16V
Rated Capacity (2hr)14Ah
Reference Weight (Kg):
Length (mm):
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Total Height (mm):
Capacity (25℃)2hr120min
Inner resistance (25℃)Fully charged state12mΩ
Battery capacity at different temperatures (2hr)40℃102%
Storage capacity (25℃)Stored for 3 months90%
Stored for 6 months80%
Stored for 9 months60%
Maximum short circuit current (25℃)100A(5S)
72v E bike battery Applications:
◆ Electric Vehicles, such as E-bike, E-scooters, golf car, small-scale electric flat car
◆ Using high quality alloy as grid material, creep-resistant, corrosion preventive, excellent conductivity, less gassing and low water loss rate;
◆ Long life active ingredient formula, and a strong ability to resist deep charging and discharging;
◆ Positive and negative, using paste structure, high specific energy and high current discharge performance;
◆ Using special superfine fiber of small aperture AGM partition and tight assembly process to avoid short circuit fault;
◆ The battery case is made of reinforced ABS plastic, sealed up with modified epoxy resin sealant, corrosion preventive and no acid leakage;
◆ The electrolyte is made of high purity sulfuric acid and special additives, to ensure maximum performance of electrode and suppress short circuit and self discharge;
◆ Normal use without acid replenishment or water replenishing, free maintained; if influenced by working conditions that losing a lot of water, you can add distilled water to ensure the normal performance of the electric property;
◆ The features of gel battery: advanced sealing structure, no leakage, no case bulging, no electrolyte concentration stratification, strong charge acceptance ability, water loss less, strong ability of resisting to over charge and discharge capacity, strong ability of charge retention.
Rechargeable Battery Packs
House of Batteries offers rechargeable battery packs in a variety of chemistries and configurations. We provide innovative, high performance battery solutions for a broad range of industries and applications.
Our team has the expertise to create custom rechargeable battery packs that meet your unique requirements, drawing on 200-plus years of combined battery design experience. House of Batteries will deliver the dependable, cost-effective rechargeable battery packs your application requires. China Electric Bike Battery

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