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Cloud Systems Administrator

The Cloud System Administrator is the one who establishes and executes the cloud operations as per the specifications and parameters. They should select the cloud providers as well keeping in mind the requirements. The technicians must implement cost-effective cloud-based systems that will fulfill the technical requirements of the organization.

Install & Troubleshoot
The administrator will install and configure the Windows operating system in cloud IaaS providers. The individual is also the go-to personnel to resolve and provide any assistance about system problems. The professional looks into the configuration and network security of the systems to make sure they are working correctly and they are up-to-date. It is also the individual’s responsibility to manage and upgrade operating systems.

Implement & integrate
The technician usually monitors and analyzes the capabilities and performance of the systems. They compare, evaluate, and implement new technologies, and integrate systems into the computing environment. It is the individual’s responsibility to document systems infrastructure for the convenience of the users.

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