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Cold from day to day...○ Super-fine dust in the Seoul Metropolitan Are

Cold from day to day...○ Super-fine dust in the Seoul Metropolitan Area


The cold will gradually ease from this afternoon on the weekend.

However, the concentration of dust is expected to be high in the Seoul metropolitan area, so caution is needed.

Kangsu Castor, tell me the weather details.


From day to day, the cold is much cooler.

The highest temperature this afternoon will be 3 degrees in Seoul and 10 degrees in Busan.

In Insa-dong, we have visitors coming<a href="https://www.betsarang.com">토토사이트</a> out for the weekend.

The morning temperature ofDaegwallyeong plummeted to minus 20 degrees today.

It was so cold that the morning temperature in Seoul dropped to minus 7.8 degrees.

From day to day, the temperature will rise as much as usual, so I hope you don't worry about the cold.

As most of the cold air in the air was pulled out, all the special weather reports on the Korean wave that had been placed in the central and inland areas of North Gyeongsang Province have been lifted.

However, as soon as the cold gets warmer, the problem is that the dust of the uninvited guests is getting worse.

The Seoul metropolitan area must be in a bad state of fine dust all day due to poor atmospheric diffusion.

Daejeon, Sejong, Chungbuk and Gwangju, Jeonbuk and Daegu may also have higher levels of dust than usual.

Please take good care of your respiratory system.

We have snow and rain news all over the country tomorrow, which is a holiday.

It will begin to snow on the west coast in the morning and the southern part of the country will have snow or rain once in the afternoon.

Snow is expected to fall up to 3 centimeters in the middle of the land, where temperatures are dropping.

From Monday afternoon, clear skies will be revealed again.

There won't be a big cold for a week.

Here's the weather.

(Strength Weatherman)

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