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The FA Cup


Love it. We’ve done this recently but I think it deserves another one. Credit to Coventry and their fans, nothing short of superb for their support coming to the stadium.People say it was a rubbish tie but I think differently. We’ve had some amazing games against Coventry over the years including the best 0-0 draw id ever seen until the Bristol City one and a game at Sixfield where we saw Dele Alli score a belter. They had shedloads here and beat us 3-1 that time with 2 free kicks in a few minutes, and the fans on the pitch etc. 2k2Cov etc. We’ve had some great games with them and they’re a good club.They’re a League Two side but a big club. Nobody has a right to draw a Premier League side. So we have to respect this game and go for it and win. And who knows what’ll happen in the next round?Last weeks loss at Northampton could’ve been a necessary evil. A blessing in disguise. Because this week has been great. Two new deals for talented young players. A new management set up where everyone looks happy and wants to be here. Lewie returning and hearing his interviews just warmed me. He’s back. And for real. He never left us. He will end his career a one club (?) man. Beautiful. And Winkelmans interview. Everything is positive.It’ll be hard tomorrow. It’ll be like a League One game, they’ll up their game and their fans will be in incredible voice. We need to try and do the same. I hate it when fans act entitled and don’t turn up because the game is “shit”. If you can’t afford it or have other plans that’s fair, we all have lives but turn up tomorrow and let’s go through to the next round.

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